[News] SSX Demo Available Next Week



EA Sports revealed earlier today that a demo for SSX will be available next week for Xbox LIVE (Feb. 21st) and PSN (Feb. 22nd). The demo will give you a good taste of some of the music tracks of the game and gameplay mechanics, such as the improved grinding. The most interesting aspect of the demo lies in it’s online enabled content. Whenever you race in SSX, it saves a ghost of your best run through. Then, RiderNet compares your time and offers other challenges against ghosts to beat their time. With this feature, you can be sure to always have someone to play against even though you aren’t actually playing them. Feel like you aren’t doing well enough? Race those ghosts and follow them and see what they are doing to learn some new tips. Who knows, you may even find some hidden paths.

Also revealed were the playable characters, Zoe Payne and Mac Fraser. However, you have to invite a friend to play the demo to unlock Mac, so expect some of those come next week.

SSX releases on February 28th and I frankly can’t wait. This demo should easily hold me over until the game officially releases.


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