[News] SXSW: Starhawk Beta Statistics


Dylan Jobe from Lightbox Interactive took to the stage at SXSW today to talk about the Starhawk beta with fans. Through a quick powerpoint presentation, the man went through slideshows highlighting the current nation by nation stat rankings for the beta. In shocking fashion, the USA was not at the top of any rankings.

I have the full list below.

  • Most proficient kills by Auto Turret: Mexico
  • Most proficient kills by Proximity Mines: Russia
  • Most proficient kills by Sniper: South Africa
  • Most proficient kills by Drop Pod landing: Chile
  • Most proficient kills by Razorback: United Arab Emirates
  • Most proficient kills by the default weapons: Finland
  • Most proficient kills by Build and Battle landing: Chile

It’s time to step up your game America and most of Europe. I know we can drive over more people than the United Arab Emirates. Has Grand Theft Auto taught us nothing?


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