[Contest Time] Win A Copy of Predator on Blu-Ray


Here’s the skinny: This week’s SpoilerCast will be focusing on the Metal Gear Solid series and we’d like your support! In exchange for it, we’re giving away a copy of Predator on Blu-Ray! There are actually a few ways to gain an entry this time. Each one of these will give you an entry, with the winner chosen via random.org. Deadline is 9:00PM EST on April 3rd. Also, due to region-locking and shipping costs, this contest is only available to US residents.

1: Follow @TwinfiniteSpoil on Twitter

2: Tweet an MGS-related question to @TwinfiniteSpoil

3: Retweet this tweet to your followers

4: Listen to the first episode: Mass Effect Edition and send in your thoughts/criticisms to tyler@twinfinite.net

5: Post on our forums! Every user who posts on our forum between today and the deadline (April 3rd) will be given an entry. One entry per user, not per post.

We would also like you to subscribe on iTunes and give us a review if you like what you’re hearing! We can’t give you an entry for it since there’s no way we can contact people who do that, but we do appreciate it greatly. Thanks again, everyone! Good luck!

  • fishfilet

    If the instructions were less gimmicky and you had actually made it fun, more people would have entered. This is a very sloppy attempt at getting traffic. Kudos for the giveaway, but at least make it entertaining. Also, I really doubt anyone wants a 2 year old blu-ray.

  • fishfilet

    Sorry about double posting, but this needs to be added: The more avenues you give someone to enter a contest the more desperate you are to actually gain attention. If you guys had taken the time to make up a creative way to enter this contest and made the prize more than a dusty $5 movie, which plays on basic cable religiously, I guarantee people would have entered. Your “contest” doesn’t even pertain to anything Predator related and your podcast probably only mentions it because of the contest. You might as well have given away a $5 coupon to BK and called it a day.

    • Matthew Kim

      Nah it’s fine, we appreciate the input. We may be a relatively young site but we’re doing the best we can with what we got. I don’t need to try and justify anything here or defend our actions but it’s good to get feedback like this to know what works and what doesn’t work. It’s hard sometimes because as a new site the people who pass through here that commit to the site are a bit far between so our community is something we’re working on but lack any sufficient feedback to know where to begin building.

      Thanks for actually saying something (though the ticket to the BK lounge may have been unnecessary) and hopefully this comment didn’t read like an automated “We appreciate our customers input” type response~