[News] BioWare Caves: Free “Extended Cut” DLC Inbound



Pack the torches and pitchforks away for now, folks. You’ve won. Earlier today, EA announced that they would be releasing a free “Extended Cut” DLC pack this summer, which would add a few more cutscenes to the end of the game. It’s safe to say that this news isn’t going to please everyone. However against the idea of changing the ending after most people have already finished the game I personally am, I can’t help but be pleasantly surprised at the news that this content will be free. Maybe EA is trying to ensure they don’t win the Golden Poo next year, as well.

At least we can all rest soundly knowing that we won’t be charged for an ending that should’ve been included originally. Your requests have been answered. Your wallet is safe. You did it, everyone. You retook Mass Effect.

  • fuzunga

    It’s really lame to me that they caved and did this. Whiny bitches need to deal with it!

  • Jorge Diaz-Guma

    I never expected to hear you complain about free content haha.

  • Andrew Gerrard

    I hate that Bioware caved like this. It sort of seems like they are admitting that their original ending is shit. *Shrugs* We’ll see what happens when this releases.

  • Guest

    “Retook” nothing. The ending was perfectly fine as was, just add it to the pile of great stories in which the hero doesn’t make it out alive because the ultimate sacrifice was required.
    All you did was bitch and whine.