[News] Amy Reeder to start a Kickstarter?

Amy Reeder was supposed to be on Batwoman for longer than the 2 issues that printed with her art in it. Something happened behind the scenes and DC removed her from the book.  All we really know about the situation is what Amy has revealed through a blog post which would simply explain that “it was a bad situation, and kept getting worse and more intense until it became impossible.  I am a long-term project kinda girl and I was so excited about being on Batwoman…I didn’t want to let go of it and fought until it was over.”

This weekend while at Anime Matsuri, Amy was there hosting multiple panels to help many in the audience better understand how to improve their skills as artists by sitting down and showing some of the methods that have worked for her.  I approached her early on in the weekend and had to ask what indeed she would be working on next now that she is off Batwoman.

She's serious about Halloween

Apparently, she’s looking in to starting a Kickstarter with a friend of hers.  While she wasn’t willing to delve to much in to it, she seems to know exactly what she is shooting for.  She wants to make a Halloween Kicstarter project.  As Amy is trying to move more in to her own projects, she is looking to using this Kickstarter as a means of getting the printing costs funded through this.  She said she has been interested in working on a book with different artistic mediums like paints, pencils, and so on which should be an intriguing project for her to run. If she does go this route, it would be a nice glimpse in to how broad her style can reach.

Coinciding with this is an October release of a Vertigo anthology that she couldn’t reveal too much about.  While she was mute on the details of the book, she did say she would be contributing 8 pages to it.  The release of the two projects within the same month would be a pretty smart choice for a promotional effort. Plus, there is always the novelty of a fun holiday comic.

She has most likely been thinking about the Kickstarter since March.  In the same blog explaining the DC situation, Amy made sure to hint at her future.  “My work is, by nature, better as a full experience, and the process makes me so incredibly happy that I can’t stop drawing.  Anyway, not saying it’s my guaranteed next step, but if there is a way for me to do that and pay the bills, I will.” Cryptically she continued further by stating that “if this all happens for me, I’ll be honest…I’ll need you more than ever.  To stay up to date, to spread the word, to…you know…read my comics!”

Amy Reeder originally broke in to the industry with a Tokyopop title called Fool’s Gold. She then was nominated for 3 Eisner awards in 2009 with her work on Madame Xanadu and continued doing various projects with DC Comics until the Batwoman breakup.

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