[News] The Unfinished Swan looks pretty cool


So apparently, Sony has been sitting on this little first person shooter since 2008.  It was picked up with a group of fledgling developers named Giant Sparrow and has really turned in to something different.  With some help from Sony’s Santa Monica Studio (God of War), the company has fully realized one of the most unique looking first person games I’ve seen in a while.

In the trailer below you will see a boy named Monroe chase after a swan in a white wasteland.  To further explore the world, you need to throw paint at the surroundings to bring color in to the universe.  It’s a bizarre idea and really brings something fresh in to the genre.

What we can see is only a snippet of the world as Ian Dallas has hinted at the world taking on more than just the white asthetic we are seeing.  The Unfinished Swan will come to PSN sometime in 2012 for the PS3 as a digital download.


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