[Rumor] FLCL Game in the Works?



Well, this sure is an interesting one. According to a post on the show’s imdb boards, the 2001 Gainax miniseries FLCL, also known as Fooly Cooly, is going to have its own Wii U/3DS adventure game, developed by Namco Bandai.

The anonymous poster claims that the game will be a sequel to the series, featuring cell-shaded graphics, cutscenes by Gainax, and the return of most of the show’s old voice actors, in addition to a soundtrack recorded by The Pillows, who created the music of the original series.

On the gameplay front, the game reportedly gives players the ability to switch between Haruko and Naota, each wielding a guitar and baseball bat, respectively.  Players will be able to drive through the city on Haruko’s Vespa or Naota’s bike, and… this all seems very suspicious.

The source claims that development started “in October,” and that “An announcement about the game should be made real soon,” but I don’t quite believe it. For now, this one is filed under “intriguing yet implausible.”

  • http://www.twinfinite.net Trey Highland

    I just got a mega-boner. Regardless if its true or not.

  • ganzi

    can you say killer app. Not really, but it would be sick. FLCL is like one of the only animes that I really enjoy

  • Matthew Kim

    I hope they develop it as an original story. Expand the world and all that….Now I really want this to be true.

  • Yamilia Avendano

    I would just constantly be saying “RIDE ON SHOOTING STAAAAR” the entire time while playing it.