[Contest Time!] Call of Duty Black Ops II Shirts For Your Torso Giveaway


[Contest complete! Congrats to Rockinjs and Comets_Revolver! Thanks to everyone that entered, until next time.]

Do you like being kept clothed and warm as you traverse the outside world? No? Well then this contest is for the rest of us not getting arrested for indecent exposure. Twinfinite has your back with these Call of Duty Black Ops II shirts straight from E3! To enter, make an account, upload an avatar, and leave a comment telling us why you’re looking forward to the next Black Ops. Two winners will receive a t-shirt size XL. Be sure to make an account with a valid e-mail as I’ll need to ask for shipping information. Contest ends Monday, August 13th!

  • http://imbrett.tumblr.com Brett McLeod

    These shirts are *extremely* comfortable, too. Just so you all know. Free shirts = Great 😀

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/iBobaFettx iBobaFett

    I’m surprisingly excited for Black Ops 2 (not really a fan of CoD) mainly because of how they’re saying they’ll be changing up the Zombies mode. I enjoyed Zombies in CoD: World at War and Black Ops 1, although I didn’t care for it being just a waves-based mode, with zombies becoming more and more hard to kill after each wave, so I’m hoping to see something cool/different from this upcoming one. ^_^

    Also, how did you know I like my shirts in XL? ;P Thanks for doing a giveaway!

  • Comets_Revolver

    I’m looking forward to Black Ops II so I don’t have to see/put up with my annoying housemates for a few months until they get bored of it and then piss themselves when MW4 gets announced. ¬_¬

  • lithelephant

    I guess I am looking forward to it because it actually looks different.

  • andy

    I’m looking forward to Black Ops II because I’ve wanted a Call of Duty set in the future for a long time now, and it looks great!

  • Doug M.

    I am always excited for a new COD. The new weapons look pretty cool. These games are always going to have detractors. Well you know millions of gamers cant be wrong. I am also a big boy XL

  • coyotezeye

    I looking forward to the next black ops for a number of reasons. The biggest is probably the fact they will have dedicated ranked servers for PC. As a PC gamer the biggest headache I have playing CODMW3 right now is all the hackers. Between the aimbots & wall hacks its hard to have fun playing. But with Black Ops 2 having dedicated ranked servers it atleast gives you the ability to kick any cheaters.

    Other reasons I am looking forward to BO2, well I loved the first one. Great storyline. But even better multiplayer. I loved the throwing axe and see its back in BO2 :) My group will all be ordering BO2 & be playing it on PC. Now I just gotta win the shirt to make the other guys jealous when we go to our annual LAN Party.

  • ducks

    Zombies and the new take on multiplayer classes.

  • rockinjs

    I’m looking forward to the next Black Ops because it’s so much mystery left behind how the story is going to play out and suspense on how the zombie mode is going to be that even a person that started to grow tired of shooters would get back into to them.Also thanks for the chance for the T-Shirt

    P.S. Tried to uploas a avatar but it wouldnt let me hope this doesnt disqualify me

  • Brian

    Tried to register and that’s all broken for me right now but I’ll try again later if this doesn’t count and here’s my avatar ?:^(P) It’s a man with one tooth sticking out of his mouth and I’ve always loved playing the CoD games and I know they have some repetition in them but it’s always fun to try out new game types and other MP stuff.

    • Yamilia Avendano

      Most amazing avatar ever. We’ll get this problem sorted.

  • Matthew Kim

    Hmmm, we’ve been getting this avatar problem recently. Don’t worry, it won’t disqualify any of you and we’ll look into what the problem is. Sorry about that guys :(

    • Yamilia Avendano

      I blame Matt.

  • Joe

    Can’t register since it’s currently broken,but i’m looking forward to the zombies more than anything in Black Ops 2.

  • myusernameisnifty

    Uhh.. I believe I’m having the avatar issue too. Anyway, I’m excited for Black Ops 2 because it will give me an excuse to stop having to play the atrocity of MW3 with my Infinity Ward obsessed friend. Treyarch FTW.

    • myusernameisnifty

      Apparently I was wrong and I’m just stupid, because my avatar seems to be there..