[News] Nicalis to Bring Yatagarasu to 3DS eShop



As shown by the trailer above, the latest project that Nicalis has chosen to bring stateside is Yatagarasu, a doujin fighter from Circle Edge. Created by a team featuring veterans from the King of Fighters franchise, the game looks to be incredibly solid, with eight playable characters, some great-looking sprites, and a versus mode for playing with friends (currently no word on whether or not online is featured).

The only problem with the game is that it looks to be quite… generic, at least for the most part. Other than some of that slick katana action, I can’t say that the game features much that I haven’t seen many times before. However, I still have good expectations for the game, hoping that it may be able to replace the hole left in my heart by my missing copy of Super Street Fighter IV: 3D.


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