[News] Hand Out Plants vs Zombies for Free on Halloween


Well here’s a bit of awesome news for anybody too cheap to buy those overpriced bags of candy.  Popcap Games, Electronic Arts and the American Dental Association are asking you to hand out redeemable coupons for Plants vs Zombies.  You can download a .pdf file of the file to print and cut out for any little monsters running around out this Halloween.  Print a few for yourself as well if you feel like it.

There is a catch for this exclusive however.  It only runs the week of Halloween. From October 30th through to November 10th, you can redeem the coupon. This is a really cool move to salvage some of our gnarly toothed youth and I applaud the effort.

You can redeem the code on Halloween at stopzombiemouth.com.  Big props go to those that use card stock instead of just regular paper on Halloween.


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