[News] Iris Bypasses Death, now in Project X Zone


Oh, hey Iris. I thought you were dead.

News from Famitsu reveals that Iris, Zero’s sweetheart and tragedy magnet from Mega Man X4, will be joining X and Zero in Namco Bandai’s hot new “Cross series” iteration, Project X Zone. This surprise appearance of a beloved dead character reminds me of how Aeris showed up in Kingdom Hearts despite a nasty case of sword-in-the-heart. Fortunately in videogames, it’s common for characters to just get better from death in order to suit the narrative or the fan service. Zero of all people should know this, having been brought back two or three times, so I doubt he’ll be too surprised to see her. Or will he? I’m just shooting in the dark here, but I imagine the conversation will go something like this:


Zero: Oh hey, Iris, how’s it going? Long time no see.
Iris: Doing great! How are things with you?
Zero: Peachy. Just living like a king while mooching off X’s pad. You’re cool with it, right X?
X: Get your own place, leech.
Zero: Thanks, bro! Maybe later.
Iris: Hey, you doing anything tonight? I thought we’d reenact my great death scene now that we’ve gotten better voice actors.
Zero: Sweet. Let’s do it.

Strangely enough, X seems to remember Iris as “that girl from the Repliforce incident”, so either Zero told him about her sometime after X4 or we’re looking at a plot hole or two. Either way, it’ll be interesting to see how her role plays out in the game. If this gets localized, anyways, which it totally should.

Source: The Mega Man Network


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