[News] Battlefield 3 on sale for $10 on Origin


In honor of Battlefield‘s 10th anniversary, Battlefield 3 is on sale for $10 for PC users as a digital download on Origin until September 21st 3AM PDT. All the other Battlefield games are on sale for $10 as well.

Even if you may not be a fan of Origin or EA, there’s no doubt that $10 is a steal for such a high quality FPS. It seems pretty unlikely that people can pick this up again at such a low price, so if you have at least a smidgen of interest in the FPS genre and happen to not own BF3, here’s your chance.


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  • d3athkat

    oh goodie! just when I run out of cash BF3 is on sale. I’ve been waiting for the game for ages but since my power supply broke down, I had to buy a new one in place of BF3 :'( but its still an awesome deal