[Contest Time!] Primal Carnage Beta Keys up for claws. Dinosaurs, dinosaurs, dinosaurs!


[UPDATE! Contest done, congrats to all the winners!]

You may have heard about how much we adore this game. It plays like a team deathmatch essentially with one team being humans and the other being dinosaurs. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “those humans are screwed.” But surprisingly enough it’s all perfectly balanced. There are five classes for each side. The humans have a flame thrower user, a sniper, a shotgun wielder, a machine gun nut, and a pistol shooter. They’re capable of using other abilities (the best is the dual pistol wielder’s net trap) to stop the dinosaurs from eating them whole. Dinosaurs on the other hand have a flyer, a charger, a stealth class, a small annoying support one, and finally the big honcho (a T-Rex, yes!).

Now that I’ve given you the rundown, we’ve got 25 beta keys for this indie gem courtesy of Lukewarm Media. It’s really fun and we’ve been streaming it every night since we got into the closed beta. Sometimes even with the developers themselves, which just goes to show how much is going into it as you can play with them and ask them questions yourself. To win a code all you have to do is comment here or follow and tweet at us saying which dinosaur class would, in modern day life, survive longest. I know you might wanna jump to T-Rex immediately, but think about it. Winners will be chosen tomorrow (10/9/2012) and if you don’t win, DON’T PANIC! Our streamers will be giving away copies while livestreaming it as well, so be sure to subscribe to us on Twitch!

  • Andres Ruiz

    Well, it is pretty clear that the flyer would survive the longest. Not just because it could fly all over the place, but because it could just pick up a person within its claws and fly about a mile into the air, screech, and then just drop them. No one will fuck with you. Before you can pull out a gun, it will be raining people. There will be a child hurtling toward you as you pull the trigger, with the very last thing you hear being that screech resonating with victory and bloodthirsty rage. Also, scarves would look so cool on a flyer while they swerve around scratching the shit out of peoples’ faces.

  • http://www.facebook.com/timelord25 acryptik

    I’d say… the stealth one would survive the longest in modern day life. The flyer would most likely be shot down by helicopters, heat-seeking missiles, so on and so forth. With today’s technology and weaponry, I don’t think any type of dinosaur would survive for long if it’s actually killing others, unless it were to be incredibly stealthy. If you’re going to be visible to others and just parade around acting all badass “RAWR! I’M A DINOSAUR!”, you’re going to get killed fairly quickly. So sneaky and less visible wins out.

    If you were to include all dinosaurs though (not just classes from the game), I’d say vegetarians would survive the longest. No real threat (aside from over consumption/food supply issues possibly), easier to control, etc.

  • http://shdownloads.com.ar Anonymous

    I also think the Pteranodon (the flying ones) will survive longer. They remind me of the flying monster bird in Silent Hill of PSX, and I remember it as being the most annoying one, and the most hard to beat. Why? because it was difficult to shoot.

  • basher

    sneaky support dino wins every time! Ker POW! but he does not survive against comet. Proven.

  • Kitty Guy

    I think the Pteranodon can fly, and people are afraid of air fly, so they get spooked and it doesn’t die. So that’s a good. It wins in the life.

  • http://http://twinfinite.net/blog/2012/10/08/contest-time-primal-carnage-beta-keys-up-for-claws-dinosaurs-dinosaurs-dinosaurs/ IronJaw

    Well it depends on a lot of factors. If we are talking about a modern-day setting in a city or urban area then you would most likely want to go with a raptor, they are quick, stealthy, intelligent, and very adaptable. They can easily hide and being cold-blooded are undetectable on most radars. You wouldn’t want a pterodactyl because you are out in the open and to vulnerable to many attacks. Most people might choose a T-Rex and while it might give you a better chance of taking a hit, all mammals still to this day have a natural instinct to defend against the largest enemy and would end up taking to many hits just like in “Godzilla”. Now, if we are talking about about a more jungle scenario such as we see in “Jurassic Park”, you would want a pterodactyl. They can fly to great heights way past the reach of humans, sneaking away in trees where we cannot see them and then swoop down and take us out one by one where choosing to be a raptor would be unwise due to the fact that raptors might be fast but takes a while to get a distance from humans where they do not pose a threat. But all in all I think that if any Dinosaur from “Primal Carnage” placed in a modern-day scenario and survive the longest would be the Raptor because he is the most adaptable creature to any scenario it is given.

  • RosstheFoxx

    Hm, I believe that the Dinosaur that would last the longest would be the flyer! Just be fast, and take cats as your prey!

    But then again, if you were on a large and undiscovered island, you could last a long time! Or atleast until Google drove onto the island with the maps car.

  • Joe

    I would have personally gone for an Ankylosaurus, but since that is not in the game, I would have to go with Dilophosaurus because they can spit and have venom.

    Thanks for the stream! This is the first I heard of this game, and it sounds and looks awesome!

  • Mitchell

    Pteranodon, as they would be the only ones that wouldn’t be killed off by humans, as we could harness them as a form of transportation replacing planes to reduce the amount of fossil fuels that are used (yes, I understand the pun, yes it was intentional) 😀

    • Mitchell

      Also, I don’t know how these are distributed if I were to miraculously win, but my twitter handle is @Aussie_Legend

  • FlyingShisno

    I’m going with the flyer. If it flys high enough, people may have difficulty seeing it. Plus, it could pick someone up and use it as a hostage, since our forces will be hesitant to shoot it.

  • It’s a plane!

    Totally the flyer, it wouldn’t be strong enough to really do harm to humans, meaning he wouldn’t be instantly feared and put in an exhibit of some sort, leading to a long happy life. That’s assuming it’s not bloodthirsty of course.

  • http://www.reddit.com DinoBot

    Yeah can’t wait to win and play this.

  • Titanosaur

    I think the assault class would survive the longest since Raptors are extremely stealthy, Plus they could work in packs and come at you from all sides and even lure you into a trap.

    Not to mention they can run a high speeds and still not really make a sound.

  • vicaphit

    Left 4 Dinosaurs. Sounds cool! I’m in.

  • Courtney

    I think that the raptor would be best suited for survival in the present; it would have been the most adaptable, and almost as hard to track down as a flying pterosaur would be. It’s speed, agility, and presumed teamwork skills would give raptors a fighting chance.

  • 1nfinitum

    Pteranodon, no contest. It would feed on the prey of other animals like a hawk if it had to and live in desolate areas isolated from any real threats.

  • Lady Siara

    I’m also going to echo that of the dinosaurs in this game, the flyer would probably survive the longest. This game totally needs a plant eater though, the humans could capture it or something ridiculous. Maybe you could even put a saddle on one to hunt down the other dinosaurs.

  • RD

    Since it’s about which class would survive longest in modern day life, I’m going with the Dilophosaurus. It is the smallest class in the game(although it actually was quite a bit larger), so it would not need huge prey to feed on and it is not as likely to be spotted by humans as the other dinosaurs or the Pteranodon, which can be easily seen in the sky.

  • Trogador

    Has to be the Pteranodon. They can swoop down to grab some food then get to some remote location to chill and wait for all the other dinosaurs to kill each other off.

  • Introvert

    I’ve been really excited about this game since the giantbomb quick look. You guys should check it out, its hilarious.

  • adelin

    i tink that the velociraptor wold survive preti easy because is the smartes and it can hide beter than many of other dinosaurs

  • Dmoneygamer

    The Raptor being that it was smart. and smaller than all the other dinosaurs. Being that they worked in groups. sorta acting like humans. they care alot for there young. also being smart. they would learn from there mistakes.