[Game Club] Enslaved: Chapters 1-7


Grab your Flying Nimb… er, clouds and get ready to talk about dudes named Monkey, hacked headbands, and evolved dragonfly robots. We’re taking a new approach to SpoilerCast for a while and involving our community and Twitch TV. Be sure to catch our live shows on twitch.tv/twinfinite every Thursday at 10 PM EST. The full year’s schedule can be found here.

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  • Paul Maychrzak

    I was super excitd for this podcast, cause I feel that Enslaved is one of he most overlooked games of this generation. But, after listening for 10 minutes and these podcasters whined and complained about what was wrong I finally turned it off..  I love podcasts that celebrate great classic games… Not ones that complain about every little scar of a games complexion.

    • http://www.twinfinite.net/ idsanty

      Hey Paul! Sorry you didn’t enjoy our podcast, but we’re not going to glorify any game (even the ones we adore such as Enslaved). It’s our job to discuss the faults every game has in an effort to A) inform the public and B) hope for better game design. With the good, comes the bad!