[Chipfinite] Anamanaguchi’s New Single is All Kinds of Rad



…and a few types of terrifying. Released today, the music video for their new single, “Meow,” features the band’s misadventures at what is, depending on who you ask, either the best or the worst arcade ever. One by one, the members each join a crew of cartoonish misfits and have the time of their lives at appropriately themed arcade attractions (Apparently, goths like ball pits. Who knew?) before dying horrible deaths and coming back to life in a cool video game cutscene. Though it’s great that they didn’t die, even better news lies at the end of the video- Endless Fantasy, the chip-punk outfit’s first new album since 2010- will be released this Spring. Mark the calendars, folks!


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    Today was a good day to get excited about things.

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    pewpew pewpewpew pew…that’s all I will remember from this