[Let’s Play] Revenge of the Titans Weekly Roundup (22,23,24)


Welcome back!  In this SUPER COOL edition of my Revenge of the Titans series, we establish a firm foothold on Titan!  It’s becoming a real struggle to continue mining from every node and I’m using a great deal more of money each mission.  The alternative way to play this would be to have much less money and fly by the seat of my pants, but I say NAY and take the full frontal (not boobies) approach and building a metric asston right from the beginning.  Lastly, some of the Titans have blasters now and can damage my stuff, but Nanohardening is a big helper here.    Head over to YouTube to comment, subscribe, and check out our other content.




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The resident Let's Player, TSFT cast member, and occassional Featurama contributor! My real home is our YouTube channel, which you can visit for some real wet n' wild fun. Regular episode uploads are the name of my game, but you can also keep an eye out for my roundups every week right here on Twinfinite!