[News] Unofficial WarCraft III sequel is in the pipeline


Did you used to play WarCraft III and then stop there because you weren’t into the idea of MMOs? Or maybe you moved on to StarCraft II but still feel that nostalgia for WCIII. Whatever it is, RPS reports that a modding project called WarCraft: A New Dawn has been in development now for some time.

For some information at-a-glance of the basic game mechanics, items and environments, you can check out their Game Info section. Overall, this project looks like loads of fun and the mod already looks great despite being in “pre-alpha.” It’s ambitious, and in one YouTube comment the team even mentions that once the game takes off they hope to add full-on campaigns and make it as true a sequel to WCIII as possible.


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  • MikeEaton

    That looks pretty cool, but I’m sure Blizzard will be unveiling its new co-op game ‘Cease and Desist’ any time now…

  • http://www.twinfinite.net/ idsanty

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat! But yeah I bet this will get stopped so hard.