[News] New Dragon’s Crown Trailer


A new trailer was recently released for the side-scrolling Atlus adventure “Dragon’s Crown”. Along with a quick look at the character designs, the trailer gives us some more in-game footage of how the combat will work. In addition to the trailer, they also seem to have updated their global site, providing more information about the 2d gameplay and adding some more screenshots of the amazing artwork for us to drool over.

Real talk? Despite the over-the-top character designs (hilariously the Sorceress and Amazon are not given a close-up preview of their… designs… *coughBREASTScough*) this game never fails to take my breath away. It’s like watching a storybook in action. I try not to get myself hyped over games, but it’s really hard not to be excited about this one.

(Source: Dragons-crown.com)


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