[News] Xbox Related Domain Registered, Potential Event in April


Not to be outdone by Sony’s PS4 announcement, the website xboxevent.com was registered almost exactly as the PS4 event ended. No official announcement has been made yet, but it’s rumored that Microsoft will have an event of their own sometime in April. This would put the announcement of a new Xbox console before the E3 convention.

I think it’s pretty easy to guess what the purpose of this event will be: to unveil a new console. It would make sense for Microsoft to act sooner than later and not let Sony hog all of the new console glory. With all of the rumors and speculations about the next Xbox console, I wonder how different (or similar) it will be hardware wise to the PS4. With the Wii U and PS4 focusing on being actual video game machines rather than media centers, it will be interesting to see what approach Microsoft takes with the new console. Guess we’ll have a better clue sometime in April.

Source: Destructoid.com


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