[Featurama] Has the PS4 Already won the Next-Gen Race?


Forget hardware stats. Forget price point. Forget RAM, controllers, marketing and fanboyism. All those things don’t matter on who is better or what console is worse. The race is already well in hand for Sony and its PS4 console.

Over the 26 years I’ve been alive and a gamer, one thing has stood out greatly over the past 2 console races… Content is king. We’ve seen the latest generation of consoles take nearly a decade before the sales numbers leveled out. Microsoft simply sold more consoles in the US because they released first. The jump start they had on Sony allowed them to put out more games and games sell consoles. Current US sales numbers are roughly 42 million 360s sold versus 26 million PS3s sold.

By being the first console out, it gives developers time to put out better games. It gives developers a head start on the learning curve with the console. We got a chance to see exactly this with the current consoles. Sony had the firepower, but developers were a year or more behind on getting all they could out of the console. In the beginning, games that were released on both consoles had the Xbox 360 versions looking and functioning better, regardless of the fact that the PS3 was easily more powerful.

We saw the same thing happen in the previous race where the PS2 was out before the Xbox was and destroyed it in terms of sales regardless of not being as powerful of a console. The PS2 is often regarded as the best console solely because of the wealth of game options a consumer could get. It’s why you see the PS2 as the best selling console of all time with close to 154 million consoles sold globally. While graphical power and other awesome functionalities like share buttons and multi-tasking will help cover ground over time, those types of things haven’t been enough up until this point in gaming to crown the winner; it’s all about the content.

Even though we haven’t seen the console or heard the cost, the PS4 is already fitting the crown on its head. It’s expected that Microsoft might make their console announcement sometime in April. Unless Microsoft can somehow come out first or get more exclusive titles, the winner has already been determined. It’s going to be an interesting year for this console race.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Andres-Ruiz/1349119083 Andres Ruiz

    With a slew of first-party titles under their belt, Nintendo is pretty comfortable for now. I certainly don’t think they will match the success of the Wii, but I don’t think they’ll be left in the dust. Microsoft will probably talk more about SmartGlass compatibility and then just amp up the graphics and maybe even that IllumiRoom thing that has been circulating around. To me, it sounds like this next generation will just be more of the same. I can’t see the PlayStation 4 really ruling over the competition at this point in time.

    • Matthew_Stevens

      I really don’t count the Wii-U into the next-gen conversation. Admittedly, Nintendo doesn’t really either.

      Nintendo has always had the issue of 0 3rd party development support. No one makes games for their consoles anymore because they are a gimmick that you are forced into using. Unless the U gets as popular as the Wii, we will see an immediate lack of 3rd party developers doing anything for it just like we are used to with Nintendo products. Ultimately, there is only so much Mario a generation can accept from a console.

      You are undoubtedly correct on what Microsoft will be announcing. If they can come out this year, then the race becomes more interesting and more about exclusives. If Microsoft is 6 months or more behind, then Sony has a serious upper hand. I’m now getting reports that Microsoft will probably release this year and will probably be $150 cheaper which will give Sony some serious problems.

      In the end though, its all about content and the company with more exclusives and more content will always win. That was more about what my article was about.