[News] Pocket League Story is Free on Amazon


Pocket League

A good deal on Kairosoft games is always newsworthy in my opinion. A free Kairosoft game is reason to celebrate. Right now on the Amazon for Android App Marketplace is a free copy of Pocket League Story ready for download.

The reason for the freebie is simple. Amazon is now carrying multiple Kairosoft titles and felt they needed to make a splash in a big way. Currently they have on the marketplace English and Japanese titles for the following:

  • Game Dev Story $2.50
  • World Cruise Story $4.99Pocket League Story
  • Pocket Stables $4.99
  • Grand Prix Story $4.99
  • Pocket Academy $4.99
  • The Sushi Spinnery $4.99
  • Dungeon Village $4.99
  • Venture Towns $4.99
  • Hot Springs Story $4.99
  • Oh! Edo Towns $4.99
  • Mega Mall Story $4.99

Don’t have an android device? Go buy one. Free Kairosoft games are nothing to scoff at, so hurry along and go pick up this fabulous game.


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  • Matthew_Stevens

    I’ve always had issues with their titles barely working. Grand Prix Story stopped working like half way in, which sucked because they are all so darn interesting.

    • http://twitter.com/manasteel88 Mana

      I have never had an issue. Might be a compatibility issue with your device. Amazon and Google both have a checklist that makes sure your product will work on your device.

      • Matthew_Stevens

        It was a fairly standard device, but I guess that could be a good reason for it if it wasnt tested on that device. Never bought an app on Amazon, so its nice to see the approved device list there.

        • http://twitter.com/manasteel88 Mana

          I’d like to add that I am having trouble with this game on my Droid II. Seems the thing is running a little too hard for my middle of the run Android device.