[Review] Temple Run: Oz – Flying Baboons and Crumbling Roads


The latest release by Imangi Studios and Disney Mobile is another Disney-fied version of their endless runner games, but this time it’s inspired by Temple Run: 2 and based on the newly-released Oz: The Great and Powerful. In this game, you play as The Wizard (called Oz), who is running from angry flying baboons, surely sent from the Wicked Witch. Following closely after the release of Temple Run 2, this title also has a slew of new features that hadn’t been developed for the original game, such as sometimes jumping into vehicles or changing zones.

Temple Run: Oz was released last week just before the movie premiere, and it is still ranked as the top paid app in the store, so Imangi definitely did several things right. It might have something to do with the awesome backgrounds, improved movement, and overall epic feel of the game. My full review is below.

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When you first launch the game, you’ll get a quick tutorial and then you’re off. The Wizard is running on the yellow brick road over in Whimsical Woods, where you’ll stay until the game gives you the option to download the Dark Forest level. Besides looking for transitioning tunnels to change levels, you’ll sometimes also be able to catch the hot air balloon and fly for a bit. The ride and the zone change are both optional, and require you to make a snap decision (turn left or right) to point Oz in the direction you’d need to go.

Whether you’re in the Woods or in the Forest though, there are plenty of obstacles to keep an eye out for. The lush graphics make it a little difficult for me, personally, since I’m looking at the backgrounds and drooling at how pretty they are! But nonetheless, you’ll have to dodge tree roots that grow across your path as you approach, wild flowers that snap at you from the sides, arches you’ll have to slide under, flying baboons that you’ll have to dodge if they come swooping in on you, and traipse crumbling roads. The difficulty level isn’t high, but it’s a huge leap from previous titles and makes this new game feel fresh and exciting.


The music is epic, and once you start moving through different levels, it changes up a little to create more tension or ease up the mood depending on what you’re doing. For example, when you catch the hot air balloon, there’s some nice, breezy music to go with it to make you feel like you’re flying an airship. There are also neato lightning effects and timed flashes of white on the screen when you’re moving through the transition tunnel.

As I mentioned earlier, the graphics left me in awe. Everything looks so perfect, from the path, to the trees and to the beautiful background off in the distance. Whenever you’re running over a bridge or otherwise suspended ledge, you could see your shadow on the ground, running for its life, far below. The flowers look vibrant and otherworldly, and the animation for tree roots growing into place across the path ahead of you is smooth.

After downloading the game on iPad, I was prompted to download the HD assets for better quality, and later the Dark Forest zone. Looking at the “World of Oz” section of the menu, it looks like there’s one more download listed as “Coming Soon!” The extra content really makes a difference, because endless runners could get pretty dang boring when you’re just running through the same couple of areas for ages at a time. In this way, you’ve got the different scenes in the Woods, and if you get tired of it, you can take to the skies or move to the Forest and enjoy the dark scenery there – the forest itself, a crumbling fort/castle, and more.

The rewards system is much the same as the other games, but here you get to level-up your character and gain more loot by beating challenges. Every now and then, you’ll collect some keys and gems while running. The keys open up music boxes which give you even more rewards, and the gems could be used to unlock abilities or save yourself when you take a tumble so you could keep running without starting over. If you want a head start, Finley, a friendly flying monkey, will give you a boost. If you decide to use a gem to save yourself after a fall, Glinda’s protective bubble will float you out of harm’s way.

For $0.99, Temple Run: Oz is definitely worth your attention. I like the freedom of choice with the environments and the sense of other-worldly exploration and adventure I feel when running through the areas. I don’t feel pressured to collect more coins to unlock new characters or get in-game bonuses faster, because it feels like a smooth and steady climb to a better running experience every time. As a movie tie-in, I think Oz succeeds in really capturing the feel of the world, and the feeling of being thrust into this vivid, strange place that is seemingly out to get you. That and it’s just plain fun. I actually have no complaints, because this game far exceeded my expectations for a buck’s worth on my iPad.

Temple Run: Oz is available on Google Play for Android and the App Store for Apple iOS.

Final Breakdown

[+Lush Graphics] [+Changes in Scenery] [+Immersive Background Music] [+Plenty of Obstacles] [+Future Content Planned]


  • arman

    awesome game!

  • Rhonda

    Have been trying to clear the request of getting past five baboons with no success. Have passed thru baboon attacks numerous times but still can’t get rid of the request. Any hints or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    • Ria

      Did you pass the baboons , and if so how I,ve been on this for weeks

    • Anonymous

      you have to stay in winkly and when they come out of the sky and you duck down so they don’t get you in the sky, you have to do this 5 times.

  • https://profiles.google.com/113714461004804252561 Mayuresh Athiya

    I don’t have the exact idea about getting past the baboons, but I have accidently completed that quest, I dont exactly know how but I can suggest that select the boost power up and this objective can be achieved only in winkie country, neither in whimsie woods nor in dark forest. . And The flying baboon is not the one that attacks you, it’s the one that throws stones and blocks your path in a steep corridor (where winkies attack you with spear). . i have completed the next objective of GETTING PAST 10 BABOONS too . . So you can give it a try . .

    All the best . . :-)

    • Ria

      I still can’t complete this level to get pass the 5 baboons what power up are you using am I meant to kill them some how?

  • Ria

    I,ve been trying to pass the 5 flying bam bones for weeks , I,m on level 53 and have pass the 5 on numerous rounds
    It’s driving me mad

  • Ria

    Still can’t get passed the flying(5) baboons and dreading when I have to get pass 10 of them
    More help please

  • Ria

    Getting pass the 5 baboons.
    Getting pass does that mean not killing them
    What power up are you using
    I can’t kill them and have pass all the bloody things numerous times
    Someone help please

  • Melrose

    You need to pass the baboons in one run to complete the objective. i am still stuck on passing 10 baboons.

  • Kim

    To get past the baboons, you have to buy the fireworks and use them on the flying baboons and on the baboons who set a fire in Winkie. But you have to hit these baboons before they set the fire. Hope this helps.

    • Ria

      Thanks will give that a try ,will keep you up to date x

  • ES

    Just got pass myself. The only baboons that count are the ones in Winkie throwing green fire at you. No need to shoot them, you just need to jump pass their fire. It counts even if you get killed by the fire and have to use a diamond to revive. All 5 has to be done in 1 run. I feel equipping fireworks make them show up more frequently. I passed 5 after running about 9000 meters.

    • Ria

      Think I,ve got it now but if you just have to jump 5 fires in one go do you use the fireworks after you jump or before , I don’t think I,ve ever managed to jump 5 fire yet but at least I know the aim

      • Ria

        Thank heaven managed it at last phew could nt have done it without you all

  • Anonymous

    I can’t get past Gemination? What does that mean? And how do you get past it, thanks.