[News] And Suddenly Atelier Totori Plus is Out in the US for the Vita


Atelier Totori Plus - 11

So I was really surprised when I found out that Atelier Totori Plus, the updated Vita port of the PS3 original, is now out on the US PSN store.


Well the localized English port brought to you by Tecmo Koei is up for grabs on PSN or on Gamestop (download only) if you want  the exclusive swimsuit DLC bundle. Get it now because the offer only stands until April 16th.

Currently in stores with a $40 price tag, no word as of yet for a physical release. It seems that, at least at this moment, the game is download only but I’ll sure to keep you updated if I hear otherwise.

Frankly I don’t actually remember this game being announced for the states but perhaps that’s because news on the Atelier games have been rather quiet on my radar.

Still, if you like…um…alchemy and games for the Vita (also anime girls) then I don’t see why you wouldn’t want the advanced port of Atelier Totori.


Siliconera: Atelier Totori Plus For Vita Is Available In The U.S. [Update]


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