Drunken Minecraft Episode 1: Treypocalypse


Man, I haven’t played Minecraft since the alpha. Things have changed a lot since then: survival mode is an actual game type. No longer am I just surviving to find something to do, but they made it an actual game mechanic. They’ve actually added a ton of features to the game since I last played. I decided to see for myself all they have added… though I totally wasn’t sober while doing so.

  • Andres Ruiz

    That was so great, Trey.

  • http://JurassicPark23d.com Jeff Goldblum

    “I feel like sometimes I am a desert island paradise in the center”Trey
    that’s what she said

  • Mike Eaton

    God dammit Trey – get that coal!

    Awesome video. :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/vukasin.legenda Kisame Hoshigaki