Next Xbox Codenamed ‘Fusion’



When you image search ‘next Xbox’ and this comes up, you don’t question it.

As we approach closer to Microsoft’s upcoming event, more information is coming to light. One of them being that the original codename for it, ‘Durango’, has been dropped in favor of ‘Fusion’. Not only does this make us wonder what secrets have been kept behind Microsoft’s doors made entirely out of Bill Gate’s money, but it is a little more fitting, and not so much like an SUV anymore.

Those looking for hidden messages within the codenames like with Sony’s prototype hardware, I doubt there will be much to uncover. Until the supposed ‘Next Xbox’ press conference dated for May 21st coming ever closer, all we can do for now  is sit and wait for new rumors to drop so we have even more to speculate about until the big guys upstairs give us some concrete facts.

Hopefully, it’s not a meeting about the next Gears of War game.


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  • Andres Ruiz

    It’s gonna fuse with pizza creating the world’s first video game pizza hybrid system. It plays video games and it is also pizza. Genius!