Remedy Talks Alan Wake 2, Releases Alan Wake Humble Bundle



During yesterday’s Xbox One reveal, Remedy’s next project, Quantum Break, was announced and given a trailer. Today, Remedy’s creative director Sam Lake released a video addressing fans on exactly what the developer’s new IP means for the Alan Wake saga. In the video, Lake addresses the challenges facing Alan Wake 2. Though the franchise has now sold more than 3 million copies and become somewhat of a cult hit, original sales figures were not as promising. According to Lake, “Even though we worked hard on it, the sequel was not happening. The time wasn’t right for that.” And while Remedy could have moved forward with production on Alan Wake 2, the resources they had at the time wouldn’t have done justice to the game they felt fans deserved.



Alan Wake is a phenomenal experience and one of my favorite games of the last generation. News and rumors of Alan Wake 2 have been circulating since the first game’s release back in 2010. So while a hiatus isn’t the announcement I had been hoping for, Remedy has gotten a lot of respect in my opinion for releasing this video. It takes a special kind of team to care that much about both their fans and the game they’ve created.

Alan Wake 2 may be shelved indefinitely but you can still get your fill of flashlight warfare through this week’s Humble Weekly Bundle featuring  both the Alan Wake collector’s edition and Alan Wake’s American Nightmare. Head on over to the Humble Bundle website to pay what you want for the Windows releases of both games, including both soundtracks and bonus content. The bundle is only around for a week, so act fast and go play some seriously awesome games.



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