E3 – Ubisoft Press Conference Impressions


I have a confession: I don’t think I like Ubisoft anymore. I don’t think I’ve liked them for quite some time now. Except for Rayman Legends, I’m not looking forward to their future lineup. It appears I’m also in the minority when I ask, “Why do people care about Watch_Dogs?” It looks like an okay game, don’t get me wrong… You know what, just watch the impressions video.

  • Changsuuut

    Unfortunately, your opinions, or lack there of, are why this website seems to be destined for mediocrity. You’re completely entitled to express your views, but I really feel like you both overlooked a lot of details that could have made this conference exciting. Personally, I don’t think either of you have the mentality, attitude, or experience to be covering E3. The underlying tone of all of your videos suggests that you form your opinions on what’s buzz-worthy or “hot,” rather than actually forming a personal opinion. A great example of that is how often you mention the crowd’s reaction, or how you didn’t attend the Sony conference (or attended late?), but heard about it through twitter. In order to be taken seriously, you have to have some sort of professionalism, and a stronger opinion that covers minute details. The best of luck to you Twinfinite, you’ll need it.

    • Yamilia Avendano

      Chang, you’re an ever giving beacon of inspiration and we thank you.