Let’s Play: Mass Effect Trilogy ME2 Insanity – I’m Back Baby!


Welcome back!  Or rather, welcome me back!  I have officially switched channels and am continuing my Mass Effect uploads.  We at Twinfinite thought a separate channel would be a better option for the Let’s Plays especially since we had so many excellent E3 interviews to be highlighted!  I’m still in the process of getting the channel up to snuff, but if you’re into my Mass Effect Trilogy completionist run, go ahead an subscribe!  I have a big residence move coming up soon, but will keep uploading Mass Effect 2,  reupload my other playlists, and have a new series starting once I’m all cozy and settled!  To get this party REstarted, here is Zaeed’s action packed loyalty quest with a pretty memorable morality choice at the end!

  • Changsuuut

    You would think with the amount of people on your team, you would have an article about Microsoft’s announcement they made almost 2 hours ago. I’m not sure why I visit this site that seems to almost ooze with laziness. Maybe, subconsciously, I want you to succeed. Regardless, you should put up a “breaking news” article soon if you care about people visiting. Give us a reason to visit you over the big news websites and we will come, comment, and love you. Otherwise, you’re always going to be in dead last.

    • Yamilia Avendano

      Thanks so much for the criticism, Chang. I agree we should be more timely with news and we’re going to be working hard on that. But as always, our forte and what sets us apart are our features, and it turns out Mike has simply been working on a rant for the news. You can check that out here: http://www.twinfinite.net/blog/2013/06/19/microsoft-backtracks/ Thanks so much for wanting us to succeed, and with the help of fans like you, we definitely will.