Elgato Game Capture HD Unboxing! CABLES!


I was sent a Game Capture HD from Elgato (not actually a cat, false advertisement), and decided to show you all what was inside. We already reviewed it before, so I figured this was the next big step in coverage: a showfloor walkthrough, but of a box. I was seriously surprised by how small this thing is. It will fulfill your “tiny electronic for the household” quota that each American needs to have. Time to take a dip into the world of game capturing, with seemingly the easiest and smallest capture card ever. Seriously, it’s tiny. Check out the video for a size comparison with my small hand, as opposed to my big hand. I didn’t use my big hand for the comparison.


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  • Mike Eaton


  • smurfee mcgee

    That was a pretty good video, despite the racism towards cats.
    El gato no es bueno, indeed.

  • Yamilia Avendano

    Cats are the worst, they are literally the worst.