Nintendo Found Their Hearts, Smash Streaming is Back On for EVO



Remember when Nintendo went insane for an afternoon and decided it wanted to screw over an entire community from the FGC that raised a ton of money for charity by not allowing their tournament to be streamed? Oh Nintendo, you silly betch. In a Grinch-like turn of events, apparently streaming for Super Smash Bros. Melee will go on for EVO as Shoryuken has given a change to their official statement on the subject¬†as well as officially tweeted that it’s back on. Smart move, as Twitter blew up earlier today with anger at Nintendo for pulling the streams to begin with. Goes to show that even if a corporation wants to be a dick, they’ll listen if you just scream loud enough. But personally, I find it laughable that Nintendo didn’t already know not to pull the streams. They didn’t already know not to mess with gamers that were doing good. They didn’t know how bad for their brand and what backlash they’d receive for doing that. Come on, get these things right from the get-go, already.

  • Christopher Hadlock

    Well if I had a hat to eat, I might eat it. Never would have thought this turn around would happen so fast (or at all really). Good for EVO and the players involved. I just hope this all doesn’t cut in to my KoF times.

    • Yamilia Avendano

      I would have been really disappointed if Nintendo DIDN’T listen. Like, more disappointed than I am that they wanted to do this to begin with.