Supercon Showfloor Dancethrough


We twerked it fast and furiously through Supercon’s hallways. We probably aren’t allowed back. Aside from not really targeting gamers, it was a pretty delightful little con. Considering that Miami is usually devoid of geeky events like this, I’d say it does a lot of good with what it does. The gaming section (that is hilariously placed outside of the actual convention showfloor) had me really happy, at least.


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  • Jacob Ross

    Claudia’s twerking killed me. I’m dead.

    • Yamilia Avendano

      You mean her laying on the floor twerk?

  • Mike Eaton

    “Flawless Twerkory” — Bravo, Andres!

    • Yamilia Avendano

      He was being cheered on, we can see this burst of energy in the relentless shakes.