GTA V Map Leaked Online, Comparisons Made to GTA IV Map


GTA V Map Leak


Just a week before its highly-anticipated release, the full map of the greater Los Santos area has been leaked. Reddit user EmotionalMillionaire posted a picture of the map to the Grand Theft Auto V subreddit and the image has been sweeping across the internet all morning.

Already in the comments section, people are parsing the map to figure out precisely how many properties there are, landmarks seen in trailers and screenshots, and generally scouring every part of the city.

My favorite thing to come out of this, however, is the comparison made by Reddit user FryDay444 in which he uses both maps of GTA IV and GTA V (and their identical scales in the lower left) to convey the massive scale of the GTA V world compared to GTA IV. When you consider how detailed and handcrafted Los Santos seems to be already, this is looking to be one hell of a place to explore not just for its beauty but size. Check it out below.

GTA V GTA IV Map Comparison


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