Gran Turismo 6 – Eurogamer Expo Preview


I didn’t have a long slot with Gran Turismo 6; in fact no one seemed to. People were coming in and out of that booth in no time, and honestly it’s no wonder. When people are putting down the controller and leaving races unfinished, it’s not exactly a great sign. I’m not a long-time fan of the GT series, but you don’t have to be to see that Gran Turismo 6 so far is really, really bad. I can at least give some credit to the visuals of GT6, with its spotless, gorgeous car exteriors, and scenery that was at least easy on the eyes. However, it’s pretty much everything else that lets the whole experience down, with handling problems at the head of the issue. Gran-Turismo-6-56 Cars feel like they have little difference between their front and back wheels, making them feel more like bumper cars than anything else, and leaving little room any actual skilful driving on corners. Actually attempting any hard-brake turns or drifting of some kind led to an absurd amount of skidding and sliding around hopelessly – I’m pretty sure a Pagani Zonda can turn a 30-degree corner at 30mph without just completely losing traction and doing several complete spins. I thought I was driving a sports car? PLT53.rev_gt.general7 GT6 has also taken some cues from Forza (read: better games) by adding in the guide lines on the road, which would have worked better if they didn’t only tell you to brake when it’s already too late. I’d actually recommend playing with them off to save yourself the distraction. They could definitely use some guidance on car damage too; if I really have to be losing control on each corner, I’d at least like to see my ride smashed to bits when it slams into the rail, or into another racer. I got so frustrated at this I purposefully rammed into another car at 80mph on a hairpin just to see what would happen. Nothing. Just a scratch on the hood. To be brutal, it’s probably a mercy that GT6’s release will be drowned out by the PS4 launch come December.  As it stands, Gran Turismo 6 is a pretty thing best not played.

  • droyjenkins

    It seems you’ve been spoiled by the training wheels that is Forza. GT6 is a driving simulator which is why you can’t play it like you would Forza. Oh, and you probably couldn’t drift because the car you used wasn’t tuned for it.

  • Robert Psxtreme

    Obviously you aren’t versed with Gran Turismo…since GT5 brought the driving line into the series. The bio also gives away the bias. Gran Turismo is ALL ABOUT the handling…always has and always will. It CAN’T have jumped the shark THIS much that the game is “unplayable.” Stick with the Kart Racers and leave the real racing games to the Adults.

  • orbilator

    Let me just say total flame design purley for traffic. As soon as someone writes forza (read Better Game). Then you know its flame bait. Forza is an arcade racer full stop why else would they put a rewind feature in ? Having been racing with gran turismo 6 engine for around 2 months now I can say its better than the gt5 engine in every way and the handling is spot on. I never had an breaking issues either. Pretty much the best drving simulator out there on console
    No its safe to say this guy has been on to much forza for his own good. Can I also just say Forza is a great game as arcade racers go. As a driving simulator – rubbish