Idea Factory is Going International


Well here is some good news for fans of JRPGs and Visual Novels. Idea Factory is opening a new California branch of their company. All we really have right now to go on is the name of Idea Factory International, Inc. and a website that will be updated soon.

Idea Factory as a company heads a bunch of subsidiaries that expand past their more well known titles like Hyperdimension Neptunia. Split between their two branches of Compile Heart, which creates their JRPGs such as Generation of Chaos and Mugen Souls, and Otomate, which runs their popular otome line with titles like Hakuoki and Sweet Fuse, the company has become much more than what we’ve seen released in the west. With a bigger western presence, Idea Factory is looking to increase their focus on western releases of games, animation and mobile apps according to a statement released on their Japanese website.

Currently the company is funneling their products through localization groups like Aksys Games and NISAmerica. Whether this push is to ensure a stronger partnership with these companies or whether it is to slowly pull away from these publishers, we’ll have to wait and see. Idea Factory does have a strong presence in the mobile marketplace so if I had to make my big guess on what is next, I would think their first step would be in expanding upon that by localizing on the iOS and Android markets.

Harusato Akenaga, former head of NISAmerica, will become CEO of Idea Factory International.


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