What If Video Games Spoke?


On this weeks episode of Twinfinite On The Go, I pondered this question, “What if video games spoke?” I always wondered if there was some sort of hierarchy between video games. If one video game thought it was better than the other.  I did some digging, collected some of my old games, and investigated. You’d be astonished by the amount of hate, and love, between some of the games! Go ahead. Watch my video. Take a look at my findings and let me know if you agree! 



  • sterlingarcher

    Nice, at least Battlefield was able to come out to admit it’s kind of a strange shadow these days. It has a market, just not “the market” like in the early days leading through 2142. Also, poor Hitman… not sure forcing 47 to get a real story line was the best move, I really liked just competing with friends and doing absurd assassinations in the old games to see what you could get away with. He was the original lone gun though (that piano wire…) now he’s just kinda there so they could use the IP again.