Indie Custom Cube Is Magic with an Indie Twist


The Indie Custom Cube started off as a simple joke– Magic the Gatering cards based around elements of indie game development and indie game element.  But today that joke has been revealed to be reality.

Indie game superstars such as Tommy Referenes, Derek Yu, Laura Shigihara, and more each made a handful of cards in the style of MtG and combined them all to make one playable deck of cards.  This set of cards has been deemed the Indie Custom Cube.  Instead of orcs and wizards, cards now include things such as “Adoring Fan Mail,” “Chaos Dunk,” and even “The Spirit of Tom Fulp.”

Developers, characters, games, companies, and just overall jokes all comprise the deck of about 300 cards.  At the moment, there is no copy of the deck available for purchase, but all the cards are available to be viewed and downloaded from  the Indie Custom Cube homepage.  So if you’re willing to make a trip to Kinko’s, you might just have yourself a new set of Magic cards.


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John-Charles writes, draws, thinks, and plays video games.  Currently working on a degree in communications and cinema studies, he is interested in the culture of media and how people choose to interact with it, specifically video games.  As far as games go, he is self-proclaimed retro gamer with interests in rhythm games and classic Sega works.  He current also draws comics which can be found at sanpozeit.com.