How to seriously for real really trick your girlfriend into being a gamer.


No seriously. What? No, yeah, that’s my normal voice. No, I’m not playing a character I want to strangle. What? Why would I lie to you. You have to TRICK women into things. Be a little trickster. Like Odysseus. Girls think Greek myths are sexy.

Seriously, though, don’t be with someone you’d want to change. Everybody has different hobbies and you can’t expect them to be into every single thing you like. New Gaming Happens next Friday!

P.S. Can you tell I wanted to say “period” as much as possible?


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  • landonrobinson

    Awesome, I’ll give it a shot. She won’t know what hit her.

    • Yamilia Avendano

      Sneaky tricksterrrrrr.

  • Devoun Edwards

    Every time I watch it, its funnier.

    • Yamilia Avendano