How to not get owned on any multiplayer platform! Blood of the Werewolf giveaway!


On this weeks Caffeine Corner, Maie and I decided to give you guys very valuable tips. Tips on how to survive any multiplay platform with dignity and honor. Also, we’re giving away a free copy of Blood of the Werewolf! D: All you have to do is leave us a comment below in this post by telling us your favorite tip on not getting owned! Leave us a comment below and by Thursday we will pick a winner! Good luck guys!




  • Larry Castro

    My tip for not getting owned in a multiplayer game is never go solo unless you are a sniper. And even then don’t go solo so that you may have someone watching your back or take make it simple Rule #1 applies.

    Also your rules are a bit confusing, the video says tweet but the page says comment below. Should I do both? Or do I win for figuring out this dastardly puzzle.

    • Mona Aiyed

      I do apologize, we’ve changed it here so we can see them all clearly. Sorry for the confusion! 😀

  • Nasser Ali

    The best tip that I can give to someone is to practice offline. Play the campaing, tutorial level, or if possible, play against bots. You will learn the game mechanics and how everything works out and when you go online. You will be feared.

  • Patrick Lindsey

    Multiplayer protip #1: Don’t be a dick.

  • Scott Troutman

    My tip for online multiplayer? There’s always another game. If someone’s pissing you off, or the game just sucks in general, there’s always more going on.

  • Fernando Medina

    Play just for fun
    Ignore the douchebags/rage gamers.

    By the way i can’t loggin with steam