How to Get Scared Sh*tless with Outlast


The enjoyment of pure, primal terror is an age-old mystery. Still, at Twinfinite we don’t always try and solve mysteries – sometimes we just take advantage of them in the way that’s as embarrassing and hilarious to watch as possible. In this instance, here’s me getting scared out of my skin playing Outlast on the Extra Life livestream a couple weeks back. Hopefully you enjoy my terror face as much as I enjoyed being utterly, utterly, horrified. Also, check out our Twitch channel! An hour’s worth of Outlast footage is still archived there for you to watch. Enjoy!



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Cor blimey guvna, I believe I'm the only British gent writing for this good site. Apart from having crumpets with the queen and enjoying the bloody hell out of free healthcare, I play video games and am occasionally allowed to write about them. Woo!

  • Muaz Zekeria

    This is so brilliant. I literally freaked out and almost dropped my laptop at least 4 times