4 Swords, 4 Free, 4 Days Deal – Nab Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversery for Free for a Limited Time


3DS owners rejoice! As part of Nintendo’s new approach to the next fiscal year, their latest deal, called “4 Swords, 4 Free, Days”, is under way and offering Nintendo 3DS owners in North America a digital copy of The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition at no charge.

This may not be the first time it has been offered for free, but you previously needed to fulfill certain requirements several years ago. This is, however, the first time that it will be completely free for anyone with an internet connection. You should have no excuse for not downloading this title, if you haven’t already.

Four Swords Anniversary Edition contains various changes from its intial debut on the Game Boy Advance in 2002 with The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords, including a new single-player mode, several new dungeons, upgraded sound design and music, and wireless multi-player. As with nearly every Zelda title, the game has been very well received, so get it on this while you still can. The offer will disappear from the 3DS eShop at 11:59 PM PST on February 2nd, so hurry!


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  • ScottyGrayskull

    Nice! Thanks for the heads up!

  • Mike Eaton

    Sweeeet. Gonna get this if I can pry my 3DS out of my wife’s hands for five minutes. lol

  • Alex Castro

    YAAAAAAAS, I’ve been wanting to play this game forever@!@#!@##@!!!