Dark Souls II Rated ‘T’ By ESRB…Really


Maybe it won’t be as dark as we thought?

From Software’s upcoming Dark Souls II has been given its age rating by the ESRB, and it’s frankly a little surprising. While it’s been granted a ‘T for Teen’ rating, the description doesn’t sound too far off what one would expect from this game or series. Here’s a taste:

…a torture device with streaks of blood. During the course of the game, a boss creature appears partially topless (e.g. hair barely covering breasts). The words ‘bastard’ and “pr*ck” can be heard in the dialogue.

None of this, of course, speaks to the quality of the game but it seems slightly odd since Dark Souls got an ‘M for Mature’ rating with what appears to be similar content. Oh well.

You can check out the full ESRB rating for Dark Souls II here.


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