Dong Nguyen’s Post-Flappy Bird Twitter is a Scary Place


How much hate can one free-to-play iOS/Android game generate? A lot apparently. After choosing to remove his game Flappy Bird from online marketplaces, Vietnamese developer Dong Nguyen has received a variety of hateful messages over twitter. Twitter user and CNBC Social Media overlord Eli Langer compiled a list of some of the more colorful tweets here.

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 9.02.45 PM

Flappy Bird topped the iOS Free Games chart less than a month ago and generated a fan frenzy online. Sane players uploaded pictures of their high scores online, inspiring friendly competition. Some took it further, uploading videos of destroyed tablets after a bad Flappy Bird run. Rumors of violence spread along with accusations of stolen resources, such as that iconic Mario pipe. After only a few weeks of maddening success, Flappy Bird was taken down from online stores. Nguyen explained this through a series of tweets, saying that he couldn’t “take it anymore” and dispelling any talk that it was because of legal issues. He simply did not want the hectic amounts of success Flappy Bird had brought to him. 

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 9.03.33 PM

Here’s hoping people on the internet calm down and stop being… Well, stop being people on the internet. If you or someone you know has an issue with the death of Flappy Bird, check out Twinfinite’s official kickstarter before you open up twitter. You probably need it.



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