Twinfinite Loop Podcast Episode 3: Legos Are Comedy Gold


So who all saw The LEGO Movie this weekend?  A couple of us did and we loved it.  If you haven’t seen it, seriously get on it.  And maybe on the drive/walk/teleportation process of getting to the movies, you can listen to the latest episode of Twinfinite’s new podcast, Twinfinite Loop!

On this week’s our intrepid cast of Yami, Muaz, Andy, and me– JC, talk about:

  • Comedy games and why some work and most don’t
  • Lots of LEGO stuff
  • Sonic’s new look
  • Why Charlie Day is just an absolute cutey
  • The winner of our Octodad contest!

All this and more on the new episode.  And guess what?  Just as promised, here’s a shiny new RSS feed so you can subscribe to the show and have new episodes delivered straight to your listening device of choice!  Next stop, iTunes.

If you wanna just listen to the episode online or download it, you can do that here, too.


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John-Charles writes, draws, thinks, and plays video games.  Currently working on a degree in communications and cinema studies, he is interested in the culture of media and how people choose to interact with it, specifically video games.  As far as games go, he is self-proclaimed retro gamer with interests in rhythm games and classic Sega works.  He current also draws comics which can be found at