Cool Greenlight, Bro – Broforce Coming to Steam in March


When you write about games regularly, it’s sometimes easy to get jaded at the juvenile antics present in video games and the video game industry itself. Sometimes however, a game comes along that is so beautifully stupid that you can’t help but cheer it on. This game is Broforce, and it’s coming to Steam next month.

Broforce is a 2D action-platformer in which you basically destroy everything in order to defeat satanist terrorists…it’s pretty much a game for those of you who thought Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon was too muted and artsy for your tastes. Along with killing terrorists…sorry, SATANIST terrorists…you can also build a bro-fort or play in 3-player Bro-op.

Okay, you can get the picture here. It’s looking like it’s pretty freaking dumb, but I’ll be damned if the trailer didn’t make me laugh my ass off. Broforce is developed by Free Lives and published by Devolver Digital. Look for it on Steam Greenlight in March and have fun, bro.



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