Xbox One Valentine’s Advertisement is…Interesting


In keeping with their current trend of messaging that further alienates its fanbase and perplexes the general public, Microsoft has unveiled a new advertisement, declaring the Xbox One to be “The Perfect Valentine’s Day Date.”

xbox one valentine

Look, I’m certainly a believer that love can transcend all barriers. With that being said…different strokes for different folks, I guess?

The Xbox One is available for $499.99 at a store near you.



  • thebanditking

    further feeding the stereo type that gamers are introverted losers who cant get a date. Stay classy MS.

    • Saul Martinez

      Could not have said it any better. Sometimes I really think Microsoft’s PR is filled with high school students.

    • Neco The Sergal

      Can’t get a girl? Cry a puddle of tears while curled in the fetal position with a brand new Xbox One.

      With Love – Microslop

  • lester perdomo

    lets just sit here and overanalyze every companies marketing techniques bc were special …

  • Dennis Crosby

    it amazing how people over look the statement there not say the xbox one is your valentine date. its stated as use the xbox one as a valentine date play co-op games, watch romantic moves, take turns playing the titanfalls beta

    • lester perdomo

      yup except simple minded dumba$$es dont see it that way ….

  • Jake W.

    Alienating what fanbase, Mike? Have you seen the the line-up this year for the xbox one, because it’s huge. Meanwhile, Sony’s just got Infamous and Driveclub. I rest my case.

    • Clarence Thompkins II

      Please tell me what richness MS has other than Titanfall? Infamous, DriveClub, The Order 1886, and MLB 14 The Show all drop around the same time frame along with many indie games dropping (which I personally enjoy). I may enjoy my PS4 over my WiiU and Xbox One but I know my info

      • Kam Williams

        Well…lets see Infamous has no multiplayer and has the same boring black and white morality system that all the other games had. Drive Club was delayed because it was inferior to Forza and the developers did not want the direct competition. The Order also has no multiplayer (despite being called PS4’s Gears of War??) and MLB (who really gives a shit about baseball games??). So when you stack that up against Titanfall, Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive, Project Spark, and either Halo 5 or Halo 2 Anniversary…yea…Sony is looking a little light dude…

        • Clarence Thompkins II

          I was saying right now DC is above and beyond what Forza is Forza might be decent come next but then GT will be out. The Order needs no MP and was never held as a GoWar. Infamous will be amazing just like the other two why change the system if that’s what the game is based off of? Titanfall looks like a decent fun game but no game revolution like it was taunted to be. QB looked horrible when the revealed it at VGX Sunset will be just as mediocre as all there other games. I have high hopes for PS just because I liked LBP. Halo 5 won’t be so good. But if you wanted to say throughout the Media M, Guerilla games, ND with Uncharted and their other team, Quantum Dreams, and a slew of other unannounced games from Sony. MS laid all their cards out because Titanfall is all they have.

    • Erry

      Might as well go back and fellate Microsoft again.

      • Jake W.

        Enjoy your paperweight. 😉

        • Erry

          I don’t remember buying your brain.

          • Jake W.

            Going by your choices in games, it wouldn’t be surprising if you beat me to it. 😉

          • Erry

            Because my choice in games TOTALLY means I’m an idiot. When you go there, it only tells me you’re an idiot.

    • madbads

      nice joke bro.. name one xbox 1 tittle thats better than any ps1 game?

      Lemme help you.. NONE! there are no such games. Pure simple facts

    • Johnnie

      Lol good joke, bro.

  • el_69_se_parece_a_ti(Modelador

    I actually like that advertisement, I mean they’re obviuously using the gamer stereotype to be funny, and it works for me, but everyone takes it too seriously to enjoy the joke. Anyways it is not making direct reference to the machine as your valentine’s date, and that’s genius. just chill out, at least is not racist.