Love is in the Air: Top Five Co-op Games


Today is Valentine’s, and what better way to commemorate the stoning and decapitation of the blessed Saint than a countdown of the best five games for paired co-op. So lock the doors, light the candles, and team up with a loved one to shoot other people in the face.

5 – Gears of War II

gears This snap-to-cover, over-the shoulder, meat-headed shooter is just made to be played with a buddy. The co-operative campaign has been lovingly crafted, with characters Marcus and Dom integrated into the narrative and a drop in/drop out system that allows a friend to join your campaign. Playing tactically together often becomes crucial to progression – you’ll repeatedly find yourself shouting for covering fire, or heroically diving into the fray to distract the Locusts from your partner secretly flanking them.

4 -Portal 2

portal 2 A non-shootie co-operative experience makes the list, unless of course you count the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device as a gun. Portal 2 is the essence of teamwork; working together as partners Atlas and P-Body, you have to navigate complicated environments by solving puzzles together. A bit like Sherlock and Watson. Except you’re robots. And there are portals. And toxic pools.

3 – COD MW3: Special Ops

cod Though weary of unchanging online multi-player, and perpetually disappointed with lazy solo campaigns, I think the Special Operatives mode in Call of Duty provides some of the best co-operative play out there. Playing as a two-man team to complete objectives against waves of progressively difficult enemies is both exhilarating and terrifying (particularly when a Juggernaut has got his sights on you) and it will have you both screaming commando-style directives down the mic in no time.

2 – Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise

viva I know this is a kid’s game. But trust me, working together in harmony has never been sweeter. An ideal date night for online play, Viva Piñata allows you to build, grow and maintain a garden together, enticing colourful creatures to romance each other in your little piece of heaven. You each control a cursor which makes for relaxed, co-operative play that is surprisingly addictive. It’s also definitely not lame.

1 – Halo 3: Multi-team

halo Whether you want to frantically drive a Mongoose around an arena while your loved one sits in the back with a rocket launcher, bunny hop around the ‘Hill’ hoping against hope your partner will join you soon, or just band together for a straight-up Slayer match, Halo 3 has got it all. This may be a conventional choice for number 1, but it’s undeniable that this game makes for incredibly fun co-operative play, especially on Multi-team mode; it’s the two of you against the world.

So what do you think? Would your top five look completely different? Sound off in the comments below with your favourite co-op experiences if you think you know better. Which you don’t. Because I’m obviously right. candle Playing Halo by candlelight. Like a boss.


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Kate works during the day as a teacher, attempting to enthuse teenagers with English Literature. By night, she reads, writes, pretends to play guitar and plays games. She grew up on the N64 but will now play anything that wouldn't normally require hiding behind a cushion. She's married and is the happy muma of two guinea pigs called Man Bear Pig and David Beard (Manny and Dave for short).

  • MikeEaton

    Great stuff! One thing I’m wondering: Do you L4D?

    • RaggyKate

      Always wanted to, but have never got round to it!

      • MikeEaton

        We’ll have to amend that sometime. There are few things in life as fun as L4D2 with the Twinfinite gang, no matter what Muaz may tell you. ;)

  • http://www.ElitistIdiots.com/ xarexerax

    I agree with most of this, but I think I’d slot one of the Borderlands games near the top — I’m a sucker for great split-screen co-op play! (Also, I got my wife the Loot Chest edition of BL2 as a 5th anniversary gift, so…)

  • Paul James

    I still think Black Ops Zombies beats Special ops!

  • Jalil Brooks

    none of the army of twos?!?!?!