Breaking Down FPS Games – Gaming Happens


Welcome back, lovelies. I kept my promise of making an episode this week, ya see that? I’m the best. Anyway, in this Gaming Happens, I’m depreciating FPS games. Really breaking them down; telling you everything I took away from some of the most popular games in the genre. Join me. If you want to see the ART HAUUUUUS episode I mentioned in the video, click here. See you next week!

  • Chad Dodsworth

    My favorite FPS of the past few years was the Crysis trilogy… People talk so much crap about Crysis, but I absolutely loved every minute! The freedom to move around your environment and seamlessly interact with things just really drew me in. The controls and movement are soooo fine tuned that it makes just about every other FPS feel clunky and aged. Being able to freely adjust your weapons at any time, without even entering a menu just worked so well. The music draws you in like it did in the Dark Knight Trilogy, its by far the best game soundtrack of late.

    Oh… and the predator bow is amazing and made me feel like I was playing as Arrow! sorry for the gif EXPLOSIONS!


    • MikeEaton

      I’m with you about Crysis, Chad. Not only are they stunningly beautiful games, but they provide a unique FPS experience.

      Also, Crysis 2 has this:

      • Chad Dodsworth

        I lost it when I opened the elevator… I had noooo idea idea it was going to happen lol

  • Michael Rodriguez

    Huh. I kinda felt the same way playing Borderlands for the first time. It felt long and plodding. I’d rather play TF2 or Half Life 2 or sumthin.

  • Alex

    You guys are right about Crysis being one hell of an FPS, but I will eternally argue that Borderlands is fun in its own right. While definitely not as fine-tuned as Crysis, movement and shooting there still feels pretty well-done. Borderlands takes a while to kick up, but its humor is more than enough to keep things rolling.

    Also that game is hilarious everyone else is wrong. WRONG I TELL YOU.