DayZ: The Chernarus Ranger – Episode 1


There’s no real endgame yet inĀ DayZ, so for now it’s all about making your own fun. For some reason, for me, that means slapping on a cowboy hat and the best Texan accent my feeble British vocal chords can muster and pretending to be some rootin’ tootin’ neighbourly gunslinger. Some wanderers of Chernarus take it better than others.


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Cor blimey guvna, I believe I'm the only British gent writing for this good site. Apart from having crumpets with the queen and enjoying the bloody hell out of free healthcare, I play video games and am occasionally allowed to write about them. Woo!

  • Kate Balding

    Episode 1 eh? Does that mean we’ll be seeing more of the Chernarus ranger??

    • Henry McMunn

      Yep, already have some more clips. Even have a friend next time, doing an English West Country accent. IT GON GET WEIRD

  • muazimusprime

    HAHAHA This was so good!