The Last Guardian? Romance in Games? Best Game Crossovers? – Twinfinite Discusses


Finally, we’ve reached the last video we shot that one day. We were completely wrecked at this point from six hours of filming. I’m sorry to break the illusion, but we weren’t just wearing the same clothes every week to film Twinfinite Discusses. This week, we discuss whether Al Qaeda is behindĀ The Last Guardian’sĀ delay, what games we feel should do a crossover, romance in video games (courtesy of me), and the games we’ve played the crap out of. See you next week in different clothing!


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  • muazimusprime

    Games I’ve 100%:
    -Lego Batman 2 DC Super Heroes
    -Marvel Ultimate Alliance
    -Played Pokemon Silver and killed two Gameboys before the cartridge died
    -Kirby’s Dreamland

  • BorlogMalgar

    Ultimate romance games? All about Harvest Moon, in my opinion.

    • idsanty

      Fisherman in Harvest Moon games ftw.

  • MikeEaton

    My 100% games…

    GTA3, Vice City, San Andreas – twice for each.
    Final Fantasy 6-9.
    Pretty much every Metroid game.
    Mario Galaxy.