Look At How Not-Ready You Are For Titanfall


Titanfall is due out in just a few short days. Recently, Bubl Entertainment, a web developer for games, apps, and related things, created what is essentially a fanmade short film.

Shot in beautiful 4k, the short, Eye of the Titan, exemplifies the raging excitement there is for the up-and-coming Titanfall. If nothing else, Bubl described the video as “a great outlet for our ‘not-yet-released’ frustrations.”

The film details the intense training being done in preparation for the game’s launch and puts the rest of us to shame with how we have been preparing.

The short is wonderful: beautiful resolution and absolutely hilarious to boot. According to Bubl Entertainment’s Facebook page, Respawn loved the video. I promise that you will too.


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  • Steph

    Cute, very well made.